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OPCO Tours & Events is an experienced - over 15 years -  DMC (Destination Management Company), or ITO (Incoming Tourism Operator) for Brazil and South America!

Our main idea is Connection! Sights of South America, Talent is Everywhere! Faces of Rio, Corners of São Paulo, Tastes of Buenos Aires, Secrets of Machu Picchu, Iguassú Falls, Amazon Waters! A Song, a Trip, a Dish.., a Bossa!! We want to share all that with you and we will be delighted to hear your thoughts!

And because we love South America and because of all we want to share of our neighborhood, our trips are designed with focus on your South America Experience in every detail! And with lots of Technology, working to enhance your Travel Experience, in a Comfortable and Safe Environment! 

Welcome to OPCO Tours! Welcome to nomadontheroad.club world! Welcome to your new South American Experience!

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Rua da Quitanda, 52/7th floor.
Rio de Janeiro RJ 20011-030


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ITINERARY TERMS AND CONDITIONS Cancellation Fees: Carnival Products & Flights have their own cancellation policy! These are non-refundable in case of cancellation! The Cancellation Policies below do not apply in case specific cancellation rules have been informed along our communications (specific products and groups have specific conditions). 30 days before the tour starts we will charge 20% of Total Tour Amount! 15-29 days before the tour starts we will charge 30% of Total Tour Amount! 07-14 days before the tour starts we will charge 60% of Total Tour Amount! 06-02 days before the tour starts we will charge 90% of Total Tour Amount! No refund will be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of arrival.

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